Azure Insights: Tags; Container images; Deploying AD Connect; App Service and Stack; IPv6 for VNets

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Microsoft Azure pros share their insights on Azure tags, container images, deploying AD Connect, using App Service with Stack and more.

Managing resources with Azure tags

Microsoft senior cloud advocate Thomas Maurer detailed how to use tags for Azure resources. Tags are a way for users to apply taxonomies, and they can be applied to resource groups and subscriptions as well. He wrote:

Adding tags to your resource will help you when you need to organize resources for billing or management. Also, Azure Management tools like Update Management can make use of tags. For example, you can create dynamic groups of your virtual machines for different update schedules using tags.

Azure Policy provides ways for users to throttle tagging for certain resources. For now, not all resources support tags, including VMs and many classic resources. Further limitations include, a limit of 512 characters in the name, no special characters and a lack of tag inheritance within a resource group.

Scanning container images for vulnerabilities