Integrated CRM/ATS for boutique staffing agency??

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Our firm (2 sourcing + 1 operations + 2 recruiters) is evaluating options for an integrated CRM/ATS, ideally more modern/sleek and cheaper than Bullhorn. Not super high volume, but not executive search. Few key things we're looking for:

  • Quick add profiles from LinkedIn/social to system + rapid sourcing uploads of lists (w/duplication avoidance!)
  • Integration with Gmail + GCal (native in browser)
  • Integrated email drip campaign capabilities (vs. outbound API with Mailchimp or other)
  • Separation of "campaign" lists vs. job tagging to candidates (i.e., who's being sent vs. who's actually in process with companies)
  • Quick collaboration tools to move candidates around to lists, jobs, etc. + collaborate on feedback
  • Super customizable tagging / data enriching for candidate profiles
  • Boolean search across candidates/roles/campaigns

Any suggestions?? Thinking about RecruiterFlow, ThriveTRM, Manatal,, didn't love the way Bullhorn looked / felt…


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