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I'm overjoyed that my business is expanding, but I'm over my head keeping up with client communication, contracts and payment.

I'm currently a one man company, with occasional subcontractors. I offer shows, workshops and residencies. I work with a wide variety of clients so the tasks for each gig can vary a lot. Sometimes it's a school that needs me to register with their vendor system. Sometimes it's an institution that has their own contract they insist on. Some bookings are more than a year ahead and require travel reimbursement, lodging plans etc.

Needs: Keep track of what stage each gig is in. Quickly pull up lists of gigs categorized by the next step needed (waiting for client response, I need to send contract, waiting for payment etc.) Along with an option to tag novel tasks that aren't always part of the standard booking process

Easily send out contracts and invoices populated from stored client and gig data.

Integrated with Google calendar.

Easy to learn and customize. I'm not a tech guy by trade, but I've done simple coding on a few platforms.

Wants/Would be great: Integrated with Gmail, tracks email conversations by client.

Booking form for website (bonus round, one that checks my availability and let's client know automatically if a date is free)

Send emails with customized versions of standard info (show descriptions for the shows that client is interested in. Price quotes including the travel cost for their location, applicable discounts etc)

Works with email marketing platforms.

Sends out automatic, date based reminders to clients.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Of course price is a factor. I've seen a bunch of systems in the 20$/month range, I can afford that, but cheaper or free is great if it does the job.

Thanks so much!

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