Looking for an affordable/cheap Sales CRM for a small business

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Hello, I am looking for a sales CRM for a small business (6-10 salespeople) that is cheap enough for our team. Most of the CRM systems I found have pricing plans that are billed per user (for example: $20 per month would cost our team about $120-$200) so we would prefer something that has unlimited user access or at least 6-10 users in their base level plan.

Another import feature we are looking for is a calling/telephony service built-in the CRM so that we can call our customers and record the calls. The problem is that we can't afford paying for credits (per minute/hour) so we need something similar to viber's pricing plan, were we can pay a monthly fee for unlimited calls (in our case it is just $6 for unlimited international calls).

Additionally, I am assuming the recommended CRM would have deal management (assigning deals to different stages: in progress, renewal, rejected…) and would allow to filter customers contacts by their names, emails, numbers and countries. Also and email bulk service would greatly help if the CRM service has it.

Btw, currently we are using bitrix24 for it's CRM capabilities (the plan we use costs about $100 monthly, so it's very pricey) and the above-mentioned viber service for calling our customers.

Any recommendations?

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