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Another post asking for a recommendation! – Sorry!

We're a small landscape gardening company, 20 or so employees. Only 2 in the office taking calls / emails from the public.

We are looking for a system that allows the couple of staff in the office assign incoming queries to 1 of 3 appointment diaries. We have 3 staff that go to the caller's address to help them with their gardening or landscaping inquiry.

So we need a way of viewing all of the diaries together so we can assign any new visits to a time that does not clash, and also so we are not sending each of the 3 staff to the far ends of the country if someone is 10 minutes away on an appointment already – they could easily go to the new appointment before or after this one.

Once the lead is in the system, us in the office can then track the lead, send them the quotes, assign the job to an install team and so on until the job is finished and all bills paid.

Really that is all we need at the moment.

Is this suitable CRM material, or would a CRM be overkill?

Thanks for any info!

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