Power BI Insights: Speeding up reports; User adoption; Merging tables; DirectQuery

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Microsoft Power BI pros share their latest insights on speeding up reports, adopting Power BI, merging tables and leveraging DirectQuery.

Speeding up reports by consolidating visuals

Chris Webb made the case for getting reports to run faster by consolidating the number of visuals. He gave the example of a slow to load multi-matrix report as opposed to a much more rapid single-matrix. Webb wrote:

I don’t want you to go and change your reports if you’re not going to get any benefit from doing so. Use Performance Analyzer…to determine which visuals on your report are the cause of slow performance – there’s no point redesigning visuals that are fast anyway.

Generally, the more visuals on a page the slower it will load. Users can boost performance by cutting down on the data loaded with each visual using slicers. Similarly, it’s often best to avoid using multiple DAX queries which can also hamper performance.

The Power BI adoption journey