7 Best Practices for Nutritionists to Drive Sales with CRM

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Being a nutritionist or a dietician is a lot more demanding than it may appear on the surface of it. Even though many of the medical conditions that patients nutritionists face are non-life-threatening immediately, they definitely are life-changing. Every good nutrition expert knows the blissful effects of a proper meal plan on a patient’s life. How do you manage and market your nutritionist practice when the demand is so vague and fickle? Try using a CRM for nutritionists.

We are the maven of changing work routines for hundreds of thousands of professionals world over across a myriad of diverse niches, inclusive medical specialties.

In this piece, let’s answer the following questions:

  1. What’s the best nutrition software for the nutrition expert industry?
  2. What EHR & EMR solutions exist for nutritionists?
  3. What’s the best dietitian practice management software?
  4. Is CRM a good fit for a nutrition practice?
  5. What is CRM?
  6. Best practices for using CRM for dietitians
  7. How to choose a nutrition practice management software and CRM.

Got your carrot sticks ready to keep you through for this exciting read?

Let’s dive right into it!

Why Nutritionists Need CRM

Nutrition software ranges across the board with different pricing strategies, functionality, and the learning curve.

Dietitians and nutrition experts have to be jack-of-all-trades nowadays, taking care of administrative duties, marketing, PR, SMM, video-editor, PPC specialist, phycologist, and (last but not least) a dietary expert.

To successfully juggle all these duties, a nutritionist needs some help to organize, manage, and maintain contacts, processes, and deadlines.

This is why every specialist in this field needs CRM, EMR, EHR, or practice management nutritionist software.

What’s the best software for the nutrition expert industry?

The options are multiple. There are solutions that are made for the entire medical industry with specialty modules for every niche, like pediatrics, physical therapists, nutritionists, and more. There are specifically crafted nutritionists-only systems. 

crm for nutritionists

crm for nutritionists

What’s the best nutrition software for your specific dietitian practice? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. But we sure can tell the best methods of how to choose the software for your needs. 

The rule of thumb is to take into account:

How old is your practice?

If you are only starting, price is a big factor; as well as usability, and a gentle learning curve.

How big is your practice?

If you work in a hospital or clinic with lots of dietitians on your team, you need to consider purchasing a reputable practice management software for easy workflow.

How localized is your practice?

If your nutrition office is in a small town and there is not much happening around, you either have a limited number of patients for the rest of your professional life or go online. For online consultation, a nutritionist will need a CRM with a powerful communication module.

If you consider all of these factors, you will be able to easily find the best software for a nutritionist.

What EHR & EMR solutions exist for nutritionists

What is EMR software?

Electronic Medical Records [EMR] are the medical software that is downloaded and kept on the company’s computers and servers. The patients’ data is only accessible to this specific clinic, doctor, or hospital.

KaiZen EMR is a specialty-based solution for dietitians in private practice and offers services of free insurance billing, reports, and meal plan forms.

What is EHR software?

The Electronic Health Records [EHR] are the medical software that is cloud-based, accessible via the internet, and has access to entire patients data from all of the suppliers. 

Major nutritionist software solutions:

Nutrium is one of the leading HER nutrition solutions that offers features like meal plan and recipe creation, nutritional assessment, pediatric nutrition, and client management.

NutriAdmin is an all-in-one software for nutritionists and dietitians which focuses on meal planning, online questionnaires for patients enables online payments and allows to create professional recipes with recipe management functionality. 

Other dietician software solutions include: 

  • Nutrition maker
  • Evolution nutrition
  • Nutritionist pro

What is practice management software?

Dietitian practice management software is similar to the Electronic Health Records system, but usually includes the modules for office management and administration.

Is universal CRM a good fit for a nutrition practice?

Spoiler alert: defini-solutely!

CRMs, even though non-medical solutions, initially can indeed be a great fit to facilitate the workflow of a nutrition advisor.

Moreover, CRMs can be even better than medical software due to the fact that:

  • They are cheaper in most cases
  • They are way more advanced in terms of client management, marketing functions, and reporting features
  • They are created for all businesses out there; so intuitiveness, universality, and customization are at the core of such systems.

Below we are deep-diving into the best practices of CRM usage for nutritionists and dietitians.

What is CRM?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software, is a cloud-based SaaS technology, that allows companies to acquire, retain, and manage clients. Relationship building is at the core of the modern and best CRM systems out there with a focus on sales growth.

CRM software usually has such features:

  • Contact management
  • Segmentation functionality
  • Scheduling, reminders, & calendars
  • Activities & tasks
  • Email tracking & group emails
  • Pipelines management
  • Deal management

Nimble CRM has all of the above-mentioned features and has the utmost prominence geared toward the social-media-centered communication module.

7 best practices for using CRM for dietitians & nutritionists

Communicate efficiently to acquire & retain customers

The best way to grow your business is…?


Not to acquire new customers. It’s to retain existing ones.

Why is this? For once, it’s cheaper. Five times as cheap to keep an existing customer than to attract a new one. Impressive, huh? 

Secondly, you do know that a happy customer is your best advertiser? The best PR? The best marketing manager? Yep, the power of referral has not dwindled with all the technology. Vica versa, It has been amplified by technology. It takes just one tweet or a Facebook post for a recommendation to be seen by dozens and dozens of a happy client. 

Retain your customers by keeping them on your radar all the time. Remind your customers with an occasional congratulatory email and a bi-monthly email newsletter.

Reach to new prospects having a complete social media suit working for you. Nimble contact records feature all the bits of information out there in public about your client. Use them to break the ice in initial conversations or to keep up the interest to deepen the relationship.

[embedded content]

Create a template to be used for each client

Use a CRM to ease your nutritionist routine. You can opt to build a quick Word or Excel template in the doc and attach it to tasks for easy access or you can create custom fields in the client profile.

Mark the suggested nutrients, recommended products, recipes, and servings to have a comprehensive overview at any time.

Save the custom meal planning templates on Google Drive or DropBox

Every nutritionist has the library of recipes carefully collected or elaborated as per the client’s needs and health requirements.

Have as many templated meal recommendations as you want available in a click of a mouse from your CRM. Nimble has integrations with over 165 applications, including full compatibility with G Suite and Office 356.

Utilize tagging feature for better reporting, search, and marketing

Tagging is a feature that allows converting pretty much anything into a data point for reporting and analysis. Users can attach tags to contacts, deals, and tasks. 

Once you use a tag for a contact, you can then create a segment based on such a tag to further send a  group email, or create a report for further analysis and optimization.

For example, you create a tag-based on food allergies, or eating disorders, or based on the name of referral for all of your contacts. 

Say you get a constant stream of clients from this fitness trainer who knows that the best results are achieved when you are working in unison on a client. She keeps sending people your way. You tag all of your clients who have been referred by her with a specific tag, eg. “RefName”.

Such a system will allow you to estimate just how much business comes your way from similar contacts. Based on this data you can then decide to pay an incentive one-time fee for each contact or send a Christmas gift at the end of the year to your top referrers, or launch an entire marketing campaign to get more fitness trainers to recommend you.

crm for nutritionists

crm for nutritionists

Use pipeline management to move clients along nutrition consultation cycle

There are default pipelines in every customer relationship management system, but to customize CRM for a nutritionist, one may want to create pipelines of your own.

By using custom-made pipelines, you can move your clients along the workflow from acquisition to thank you letter. The extensive analytical feature helps break down such pipeline data, so you can measure how many deals were opened, stuck, or closed during a specific period, and estimate your team member’s activity and efficiency. 

Nimble CRM for nutritionist experts also offers an overview of the history of a deal and offers a forecast of deals – which is a wealth of data for an entrepreneurial mind.

Manage your nutrition consultations scheduling in a few clicks

Scheduling is one of the most powerful modules in top CRMs and Nimble is no exception. Make use of this powerful feature to elevate the stress of juggling your clients in your busy timetable.

Sending reminders and invites for appointments that are integrated with their Office 365 calendars takes a few clicks and seconds.

The Nimble Activities section has an agenda tab with the list of tasks and events as well as a separate tab with a visual representation of the calendar by day.

Engage in socially responsible activity to boost awareness of healthy nutrition habits

The best nutrition software is there to help dietitians and nutrition experts improve people’s lives for better. Should the CRM save you as much time as you think it’s now the time to give back, public speaking to the most vulnerable part of the community is a good opportunity to change lives and to make the difference.

The younger generation in poor neighborhoods is addicted to fast foods with astoundingly high obesity and diabetes rates.

Social media allows for lots of powerful life-changing engagement with the community. Use CRM to reach out to your local community centers or educational establishments to give speeches on good eating habits and ways to prevent specific diseases by adjusting the diets.

Make sure to tag your social responsibility tasks, contacts, and activities for the best understanding of how to contribute most and optimize your time best.

How to choose nutrition practice management software & CRM

Software solutions for Nutritionists are diverse and choices are tough, we know. But if you are looking for a CRM for nutritionists and dieticians, Nimble will be happy to see you test-drive our product.

It only takes one minute and your email address. 

Hundreds of thousands of professionals world over choose us for a reason.

Try this dietitian management software for free and let us know the reason why it is that you chose Nimble.