Kanban Board – Organized card-based view of your PowerApps & Dynamics 365 CRM records!

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Data interpretation and analysis is made easy through visual representation. Visualizing the data has many benefits. Providing visibility to an undergoing work or process through visual tools makes it quicker and easier to process information, understand it and pass it on to relevant parties.

Our latest solution – Kanban Board –  is one such app that enables data visualization for PowerApps & Dynamics 365 CRM users.

Kanban Board is a productivity app that enables organized card-based view of PowerApps/Dynamics 365 CRM Entity records in home grid. It provides data clarity through systematic visual representation of PowerApps/Dynamics 365 CRM entity records. With the ability to categorize the data into lanes it helps with a quick review of the records in a card-based view and easily identify the status of the records. A visual tool to move the records across lanes to quickly update the underlying field values. Apart from this it also allows for quick actions shortcuts to record activities against these without too many clicks.

The visual details of entity records are displayed in a single place which effectively reduces the time spent on tracking down the status of work and provides transparency in the work carried out. This improves effeciency of users.

Kanban Board

This is not all. Kanban Board has some rather amazing features which makes it all the more appealing for PowerApps & Dynamics 365 CRM users. These are:

  • Visualization of Views: You can visualize any PowerApps/Dynamics 365 CRM view in multiple lanes in a Kanban View. For e.g. All Accounts, My Active Accounts, etc. Furthermore, this can be viewed on web, mobile or tablet client.
  • Easy Configuration: You can configure fields to define lanes into different categories. Records can be then categorised into these lanes for easy reference.
  • Compact Card Visualization: Records are displayed in compact movable cards. Here, you have the ability to decide and configure which data is to be displayed in the cards.
  • Drag & Drop: To update the status of work, you can easily drag and drop the cards from one lane to another.
  • Quick Actions: Cards can be configured to support up to 3 quick activity actions, using which you can quickly create activity records like Email, Phone Call, Task, etc.
  • Context aware: Kanban Board works in context of the native Dynamics 365 CRM environment. It responds to all native ribbon actions available for traditional views which you can apply to selected records.
  • Search: You can search for necessary records through native quick search which is available for views in PowerApps/Dynamics 365 CRM .
  • Sort & Filter Lists: You can sort the records in lanes in ascending and descending order. It further helps to filter data in the view on the basis of date.

With these features, Kanban Board provides you an organized visual representation of PowerApps & Dynamics 365 CRM data in home grid that is easy to interpret and analyze. This in turn gives valuable insight to many aspects of work, helps to refines processes and increases efficiency.

Give this a try today, download a 15 days trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource.