Shipping Industry is a very crucial and important industry when it comes to transportation of goods and material from one location to another. It is the cheapest and natural mode of transport available in today’s world for bulk shipping and transport. Almost 90% of country’s trade takes place through the shipping port nationwide. When it comes to movement of the material from one country to another there are a lot of processes which need to be taken care of. From documents to tracking to delivery of the material, everything needs to be tracked.

ERP for Shipping Industry – Sage 300, is one such robust and scalable ERP Solution which can manage and handle all shipping related transactions and other office processes from a single ERP Software.

In a shipping Industry, lots of approvals and documents are required to be submitted along with the shipment. Sage 300 ERP and it’s add on modules help in getting these documents and approvals generated on a single click from the system after passing the entries in to the system.

For shipping Industry, is it very crucial to maintain a track of their operation so that necessary actions can be taken at the right time. This industry has multiple operations – from owning freights to providing maneuvering services. All these transactions can be handled from a single ERP for Shipping Industry along with maintaining records of provision like food and fuel for vessel owned or leased by the company.

Using Sage ERP for Shipping Industry, one would be able to address all aspects of a shipping industry. In Sage 300 ERP, the information passes through the system quickly and effectively. This in turn saves time for data duplication as we save all the important information in single system. The time saved can be utilized to speed up the process of recognizing the revenue and doing analysis of the data retrieved from the system for better use of the working capital.

By using Sage application one would be able to do the following with the ease of just one click:

  1. Multi currency Exchange rates
  2. Budget Maintenance
  3. Vessel Performance
  4. Vessel wise profitability
  5. Provision controlling
  6. Payments
  7. Fixed Assets

Sage software solutions can also be integrated with other systems that are available on the port and the data from the ERP System can directly flow into the main system for the management without any human intervention hence providing correct information directly from the port to the office.

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