How to Win Over your Boss for a New CRM Solution?

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Sales managers and leaders struggling to ramp up sales figures are often confronted with the daunting challenge of convincing their bosses for having a new CRM solution.

As a sales leader, you are pretty clear in your head that you need a new CRM system to drive in more sales. But, how do you win over your boss for investing in a new system?

Be it the consulting time, resources required to manage the solution etc., everything comes at a cost. The key question is how do you assure your boss that investing in a new CRM solution is the need of the hour?

You ought to stand out in your pitch and approach to get a thumbs-up from your boss. For this, it is highly advisable to link your request with realistic sales goals. It all begins by demonstrating how the CRM system will address all those existing glitches that are hindering sales and productivity of your sales team.

  1. Knowing your Ideal Customers

Every sales leader or manager is aware of his company’s target customers, but it is just not sufficient for a sales rep to close deals successfully. This triggers the importance of identifying your ideal customers. If you could help your boss envision the image of an ideal customer, it would be great. When a sales manager is aware of who the ideal customer is, he can:

  • Intelligently steer marketing expenditures
  • Make sound and informed decisions
  • Focus more on relationship strengthening
  • Assign the perfect resources for specific prospects/leads

Today’s cutting-edge CRM solution serves as an excellent database to store and track a wide range of customer traits. The software not only tracks customer interactions, but also offers quantifiable results delivering a comprehensive image of your ideal customer.

  1. Identify key problems of your customers

Though it is good to know who your ideal customer it is, it is equally important to identify the key issues faced by your customers or prospects.

Having accurate insights into the key problems faced by your target customers is the very first footstep towards building a strong and long-lasting rapport with them.

Front-line sales reps are the ones who know about the various concerns of customers and prospects. Thus, providing them with an advanced and current-gen CRM solution would help them record customer responses and answers. The system would serve as a repository for all the critical customer data that can be leveraged to provide customer-centric solutions addressing all their problems effectively.

  1. Accurate sales forecasting

Accurate sales forecasting is undeniably a challenging task, but it is of paramount importance when it comes to effective sales planning.

In fact, precise and accurate sales prediction is the most powerful thing that a sales manager can share with his boss.

A CRM software is well equipped to assist sales managers do accurate forecasting. The software renders a clear picture of all the prospects and leads in sales pipeline enabling managers to do accurate and spot-on forecasting.

  1. Increased engagement with prospects and customers

Today’s customers are tech-savvy and expect quick and realistic responses. Thus, it is highly imperative for businesses to engage cleverly with their audience.

Nevertheless, current-gen CRM for sales offers amazing functionalities such as social CRM capabilities helping sales reps and managers to keep a track of what their customers are talking about the business or brand on popular social media platforms.


Though your boss might shun the idea at first due to cost factor making it extremely daunting for you to persuade him further, explaining all the afore-mentioned benefits of a CRM solution will help you get a thumbs-up.

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