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CRM Integration

CRM Integration-Deciding to integrate your HubSpot portal with your CRM platform is exciting. But just because you’re amped to reap the benefits of your HubSpot CRM integration doesn’t mean you should speed through any part of the process. An integration can be a complex project with a fluctuating timeline, but correctly doing everything is worth the wait.

If you do decide to rush, your integration may not be built to meet your company’s specific needs. When it’s not tailored to your organization’s processes, you can’t fully unlock its value. Taking these seven steps will ensure you get the most out of your HubSpot CRM integration.

Involve the Right Team Members

An integration, whether out-of-the-box or custom, involves multiple teams across different departments. Right off the bat, you should include the appropriate team members before, during, and after your integration. When you involve key stakeholders, everyone will be on the same page throughout the process. Here’s a look at who might need to be included on your project:

Project Manager. Someone needs to take control of the communication and training of team members, right? Be sure to appoint a project manager who can handle the scheduling of meetings, discussions, and documentation involved with your integration partner.

CRM Admin. Your CRM admin can provide valuable information on any CRM changes that need to be made to make your integration work properly.

Marketing Members. Because your marketing team uses HubSpot Marketing Hub and will benefit from the integration, they should be involved throughout. They can provide insight into what they need from sales to create more effective campaigns.

Sales Representatives. Similarly, your sales department uses your CRM system daily and can provide details on what they’ll need from marketing in an integration to perform their jobs more efficiently.

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