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I own a small business and have subscribed to ACT! Premium for several years. I like how it organizes and makes it simple to find my contacts, notes, history and calendar. It was also easy to set up custom fields and pick lists for myself. I use ACT! for both personal and business.

I dislike that it doesn't coordinate well with Gmail, it hangs a lot on Windows 10 Pro and is not built for ease of use on my phone. I'm experienced with Salesforce, but find the version that allows me to heavily customize it pricey.

I'm familiar with the other "name brands" like PipeDrive, Hubspot, Apptivo, Zoho, etc. but I don't know which one of these include some of the features I like and address some of the issues I mentioned above that are problematic with ACT! Do you have any thoughts or suggestions about possible replacements to ACT?

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