Help! I’m a project manager for a small company who has recently had a HUGE recent influx of new clients. We are not equipped for this. We miss emails. All communication is clunky. We use google drive and sheets as some half assed CRM and my boss is scared of change. We are losing customers fast.

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I'm actually under the gun trying to get a ton of work done right now so I will keep this short, but I've finally boiled over to the point where if I don't start to find a solution my head just might explode. I moved from installation (3 yrs) to solar design a little over a year ago, and since that time our new inquiries have grown from about 3 a week to 15 and beyond. The reason why doesn't really matter, but we're a company of about 16, half crew half office.

I have no experience with any CRM or any project management tool.

We use Google Sheets and Google Drive for all of our organization and it is just god awful. Customers can literally just get accidentally deleted. When some information about a customer changes we have to manually change it in like SEVEN different places. I manually enter every daily metric from a customer (proposal sent, contract signed, etc) into some half-assed spreadsheet, but tons of data definitely does not get input. I've developed a good system to keep track of my tasks, but we have no way of assigning tasks to other people besides an email that will most likely get looked at once and then forgotten (this happens *all* the time). It would be seriously helpful to have some sort of platform that was also a phone app so we could assign tasks to the crew that they would mark as complete.

We need a whole system overhaul with a way to keep ALL customer information – emails, documents, interactions automatically logged. Task management across the entire office and crew. Also, most of the office is older, and definitely cannot take on the task of learning something complicated or not generally intuitive. My boss would not want some big CRM with their hands in our stuff. He's always going on about keeping things "in house". I'm going to lose my fucking mind, I'm tellin ya.

Any help would be massively appreciated!

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