Timeline and Grid control enhancement in Dynamics 365 Customer Service – 2019 Release wave 2 (Unified Interface)

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Below are few enhancements made to timeline and grid control as part of 2019 Release wave 2.

The new timer control shows more customer interactions/records/activities compared to the older version of the control, thus enabling users to have access to much more information without the need for scrolling.

The user can hover over the activity to find the menu options

The filter option next to the + button allows users to easily filter and find the appropriate records.

Similarly, grids are more compact allowing more data to be seen.

Also, the main grid now remember it’s state

Here we have searched with the keyword “Geo”

Open one of the records in the result

Click on the back button in the browser, the result is still saved

Grid now has improved filtering as well, as shown below à

Hope it helps..