A Day in the Life of a Dynamics 365 CRM or PowerApps User with Inogic Productivity Apps!

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Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is eagerly waiting for their gifts from Santa. But this year it’s going to be different. This year Santa is going to ensure that your Holidays are extra special and you enjoy it to the fullest. And how does he plan to do it?

Well he has some amazing PowerApps/Dynamics 365 CRM Productivity Apps in his goody bag which will make your holidays and coming year fruitful and productive. To better understand these apps let’s get in the shoes of one Mr. Paul an avid Dynamics 365 CRM/PowerApps user, to whom Santa had gifted these power packed Apps.

On any usual day Sales Manager Paul starts his day at office by going through emails and planning for the day ahead. He sends regular alerts and notifications to the sales team regarding any updates, upcoming events or just set reminders for tasks that require attention in the near future. Alerts4Dynamics app enables him to send timely notification through Emails, Pop-ups or Form Notifications with which he can keep his team appraised of recent developments and activities in customer accounts. He got all this information related to customer accounts easily with the help of bi-directional solution – InoLink – that synchronizes Transaction history and Aging details of customer accounts from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 CRM.

Next, he reviews the status of ongoing projects with the help of Kanban Board. Kanban Board provides him an organized card-based view of Entity records with which he can easily track the different stages of projects. Another app, Map My Relationships provides him a visual representation of relationships between Entity records in a single view, thus giving him crucial information at a glance. His next task involves allotting or distributing the Leads generated from different sources to the sales team which is assigned using the magical Lead Assignment Distribution & Automation app.

Once Leads are assigned he concentrates on generating and sending Quotes to customers. With Click2Export, in just few clicks he can export the updated Quote in PDF, Word, Excel, CSV or TIFF format and auto-send it to the customers. While he deals with lot of documents Attach2Dynamics helps him to organize all attachments as well as save space by moving bulk history data to cloud storages like SharePoint, Dropbox or Azure Blob Storage to release storage space in CRM.

By syncing the security model of both CRM and SharePoint with SharePoint Security Sync, Paul no longer has to worry about unrestricted access to documents stored in SharePoint as all his team members will have the same access to the documents in SharePoint that they have in CRM. While the data migration process is going on side-by-side Paul utilizes this time to catch up with other pending tasks like updating and creating new records in CRM by using Click2Clone which significantly reduces the time spent on repetitive data entry by enabling him to clone Dynamics CRM records from one entity to other entity.

Later in the day Paul began to check the dashboard to get an idea of the current situation of sales based on which he sets sales schedule for the upcoming week. Every week he would give a planned schedule to each of his field professionals which includes list of clients to visit, appointment date & time, optimized routes. Sales professionals can easily open the routes assigned to them and visualize the turn-by-turn navigation using Google Maps or Waze App so as to reach each client on time for the meeting. Sales professionals can also check-in and check-out to register their arrival and departure at the meeting location. Further, Paul plots the Check-in/Check-out records on map to analyze the performance of his field professionals and take actions to improve their productivity. Maplytics his favorite geo-analytical mapping tool helps him to plot, visualize, analyze the data within Dynamics 365 CRM and plan the strategies for his organization.

As the day comes to an end before winding up Paul reviews the CRM activities of his team members who are newly introduced to Dynamics 365 CRM with User Adoption Monitor app. And on the basis of report generated in this app he is able to appraise their performance and provide training accordingly.

On the whole, all these productivity apps enable Paul to enhance his and his teams productivity and efficiency by simply making his day-to-day mundane task interesting and exciting through AUTOMATION.

Isn’t this like a bag full of Christmas goodies?

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Thank you so much for your kind association in 2019, we look forward to working more closely in 2020 and ofcoz to pack some more special Christmas goodies for the next year.