Having a hard time finding a CRM software that groups clients the way my boss wants…

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So I'm in a bit of confusing situation. I'm trying to create a client database that groups items such as project name, project number, client manager, service area, and other custom fields like that.

Let's say I have a client named Bob, my company does a few different projects for Bob, and each project has a unique name, number, client manager, etc. In Hubspot, I have to make multiple, related 'Bob' contacts for each project since it won't allow me to use the same email. My coworkers request that they want all projects grouped under each client name and not have to sort though multiple, duplicate clients.

I've been trying 2 other CRMs (Agile and Nutshell) but the only work around I've come up with is making the "Company" sections the client's name and the "People" section into a "project" section. The new client section would have their name, company name, email, and phone number; whereas the new project section would have information related to the project, which then is linked to the client section, if that makes sense. This also means I'm going to manually type in the information of 800 projects, which I've already done once on Hubspot. Either way, a whole lot of work ahead of me.

It just bugs me that there's no way to make groups easily in any CRM program I've researched so far. It seems like a no-brainer to add that functionality, but maybe I'm missing something you all can fill me in on.


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