Colored Grid for Dynamics CRM

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A very common scenario is the need to be able to color CRM Grids.

Following add-on serves the purpose extremely well with great configuration and support for coloring either the back color or row color of any CRM gird:

Colored Grid for Dynamics CRM


Colored Grid for Dynamics CRM Online/On-Premise addresses some of the following pain points for coloring CRM grids. Out of box CRM grids does not have the capability to show an interactive differentiation of records in terms of the key attributes. The add on provides an easy to configure solution that caters to this problem. Key features of this application are:

• Provides colored formatting for any entity and for any view. It also provides the capability of selecting the option set attribute on which basis the user wants to do the formatting.
• User can also choose whether to highlight the text color or the background color.
• Multiple configurations of colored formatting can be done. Like any other CRM entity they can be easily copied to another CRM instance using out of box import and export.
• Provides visual indicator to CRM users for relevant rows.

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