Dynamics 365 versus Salesforce: Email Activities

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Salesforce both offer so much value, that choosing the best CRM for your business can be complex. There are tradeoffs to both products, and finding the one that best matches your business requirements is key to having overall satisfaction with your choice.

Salesforce Email Setup and Ease of Use

Supporting sales efforts is a core feature both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 share, but each has a different focus. Salesforce’s claim to fame is that it is easy to get up and running, and configuration without the need of a developer. First, a configuration profile is created. After that, setting up your email to sync takes a few seconds- username and password. Shortly after, emails sync to CRM and your sales team can focus their efforts in one consolidated area.

Email Activity Leveraging

Identifying meaningful metrics on sales targets before developing a formal segmentation plan is like being an archaeologist. Keeping track of how many days since a lead or contact has been figuratively ‘touched’ on a dashboard highlight leads who should be prioritized by an aggressive sales team.

The streaming Gmail capability of Salesforce is practical for setup, but not so forgiving for metric capturing. For a motivated sales team, it can be hard to nail down a Salesperson to only sending emails through the CRM. Example of this would be a sales person emailing directly from their Gmail inbox. Those email engagements are streamed into Salesforce when it syncs. This stream of emails syncing would bypass any…

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