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I am looking for a CRM that will be aimed more at a B2C company than a B2B company. All the ones I've tested are focused on salespeople and sales funnels. Do you know of any CRM with the following features?

  1. Ticketing system with channels: email/facebook/instagram – all inquiries fall into one place and are handled by customer service staff, something like

  2. Possibility to integrate with VOIP e.g. Zadarma

  3. Answering/making calls from within the CRM, along with the ability to create a note for a contact after a call. In case of a new contact, the ability to add the contact to the database.

  4. Ability to integrate with a database containing information about services delivered and their values.

  5. Most important: Focused on customer relationships rather than leads. Notes next to the client, notifications of important dates, e.g. client's birthday, sales information on the client's card, ability to set tasks related to the client, e.g. making a phone call, list of tickets/calls made.

  6. Ability to assign a customer to a particular account manager

  7. The ability to sort the customer base by the total value of completed services.

Thank you very much for your help!

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