Seeking an All-in-One CRM Tool for Marketing, Integrated with WhatsApp and Power Dialer

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Hello Reddit community,

I’m in search of a comprehensive CRM tool that excels in marketing, integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp, and includes a power dialer that allows me to view client cards complete with custom fields and notes during calls. I’ve found that many CRM systems use an external power dialer, but this often means that I can’t see the client’s information on-screen while I’m using the program, which is a significant drawback.

I really like for sales, but it lacks WhatsApp integration and sufficient marketing features. Salesmate seems promising, yet it doesn’t feel as robust as other tools I’ve considered. HubSpot scares me a bit because it starts at a low cost, but jumps to $800 per month for the next tier, which is quite steep.

I’m looking for real user experiences and advice. Have you used a tool that meets these requirements? Any recommendations or insights would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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