CRM options for a non-profit charity.

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Hey! I've had a look through past posts but none quite touched on what we are needing or looking for.

We are a non-profit, based in the UK, looking for a CRM to manage our "clients" as well as to help us track the impact we are having. I suppose we are looking more for a constituent relationship management system, rather than customers.

We have clients/participants, and we run weekly events for these people, sometimes it's walks in the hills, sometimes it's boardgames etc. Anything to help get them out and involved.

In terms of scale, we are looking to have 100's of future 'clients' to track (probably growing at 5-10 people a month so nothing huge) then 2 – 5 events a week at most. (So scale is small)

We are in need of a CRM with these features:

  • Allows a team member to write up a "Session follow up" about each of the participants at each event. This has internal notes about the participant, plus ratings of how engaged the user was in various metrics (0-5 stars). Each session follow up needs to be linked to the participant and the specific session/event that happened.
  • Allows a team member to create new events/sessions.
  • Ability to view a dashboard about the events with some keys stats/charts. For example, how many people are coming to events each week. Or select a participant and see their history of how they were rated in a certain stat. (Hopefully to see an improvement) As well as seeing internal notes and history of a person.
  • User roles, so a normal team member can submit the session follow up forms, but only the internal 'admin' team members can access the backend database, as theres a lot of confidential information .

So there's a bit of a database behind this, with a few forms to allow users to easily add events/session follow up forms.

We would also like an "onboarding" form, that participants can fill out with their details before they come on our events. (This has mostly standard contact info). We are open to this being seperate as we need to verify the info before it goes in our current system anyway, and we often are manually adding people into the database ourselves.

Our main thing is that we need some simple forms that add into the database. As the users end up being quite "untech savvy". We are currently using TypeForm for our "Session follow ups" and our "New participant" forms, but are looking at being able to move this away from TypeForm. We're wondering if any platform has a TypeForm-esque ease of use which is what makes it so attractive to us at the moment!

Currently we're looking at AirTable and trying to use AirTable forms (which are quite limited). But wondering if there's any even simpler off the shelf solutions out there that people may know of!

Thanks in advance!

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