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Hello all,

I am trying to create an automate system in order to manage my lead list, contact leads to convert through whatsapp and whatsapp calls, and set tasks on when a follow up action is required.

My firm is Academix Connect (www.academixconnect), a student advisory firm that helps students place at universities abroad for free at an attempt to set up their futures.

I want to be able able to monitor all my employees efforts in one window and automate as much as possible to eliminate manual work. Despite an incredible and lucrative incentive structure, I have to sit down with employees to see what their status is with students and how they are managing them. Today, to my absolute dismay, upon checking our business whatsapp, I realized that after an initial greeting after a student visited our office, there hasn't been a single followup or call or any attempt to convert a warm lead.

This is my wishlist:

  1. We collect student information through a google form that uploads into a google sheet:
  2. I would like for students profile to be then taken from the google sheets and a profile created for them in a CRM and assign to an employee
  3. I would then need to be able to message students through whatsapp or text directly from the crm
  4. create automatic tasks at certain dates to remind my employees to call/text the student or have automated messaged going out
  5. the ability to create information fields such as last qualification degree or budget for the student
  6. the ability to add comments and @ my employees for their input/replies and be able to post internal updates about a student so that the entire students journey can be viewed through just their profile in the CRM.
  7. Any leads generated through instagram ads to also be updated as client profiles in the CRM

I don't think this is impossible but I definitely need help in how I can set this up so that my sales funnel is airtight and I am not missing the opportunity to convert leads due to failure to engage a student and followup!!!!

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