Trying to pick a self hosted CRM (vTiger & EspoCRM)

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Hi everyone. I'm currently evaluating self hosted crm systems, in the last week I've tried:

  • vTiger
  • SuiteCRM
  • EspoCRM

I'm looking for a solution that has products/services, ticketing system (maybe a knowledgebase too) and reporting, contacts, calendar, and a note section.

So far, vTiger almost fits the bill, it's updated now and again by a team of developers. Reading some comments, I can see a few users are saying vTiger is starting to wind down the self hosted system, pushing people to their online platform now.

EspoCRM is nice, quite a slick interface, but by default it doesn't have product/services sales, nor reporting for IT tickets and appears to need an extension pack for that.

SuiteCRM, I struggled with installing (but managed), tried to upgrade and gave up, reading the forums, the developer seems to have issues with users struggling with help.

I wondered, those who chose vTiger and EspoCRM, how happy you are with them in your business, and those to chose another self hosted system, what did you go for?

Many thanks everyone.

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