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I'm the marketing director of a nonprofit that works at creating community for adults with disabilities.

We are wanting to get a CRM that can work as an all in one program for us.

Things we need/looking for:

– donation & donor management – need to be able to accept donations through this site, contact donors, and keep donor data separate from other contacts

– event management – we have weekly programs that we want people to sign up for, 1x a month special event, and a yearly camp that has a lot of moving parts… more of this later

– volunteer scheduler – we want to be able to give access to the volunteers that have already been through our training, not give everyone access to schedule

– "member" data – tracking allergies, health conditions, memos, equipment needed, and possibly medication is applicable

– email capability

– camp event management – I know this might be a stretch, but we need a program to help organize everyone going to camp – medications, equipment, "buddies", housing dorm & bed assignments

Having individuals being able to join and only see their info or having volunteers being able to see certain data when granted access is also a HUGE bonus.

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