Help me for my study research !

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For my class I have to do a study research on CRM market.

Can you please respond to just one of this question it will help me a lot !


Briefly describe the customer management challenges facing your company?
In your opinion, what are the shortcomings or limitations of the CRM tools you currently use?
What criteria would you take into account when choosing a CRM application for your company?
How does your company currently organize its tasks and projects? What aspects of this organization would you like to improve?
What kind of premium features would you like to see in a CRM?
What were the most striking problems in your company that could have been prevented by good organization and time management?
Are you considering integrating with other tools or software already in use in your company? If so, which ones?
Do you have any other comments, suggestions or specific needs concerning project management, productivity or organization in your company?

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