Agile CPQ & CLM with Dynamics 365: Transformative Tools for Business Success

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In today’s dynamic business world, staying ahead of the curve often means embracing innovative technologies. Agile Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions, in conjunction with Dynamics 365, have emerged as pivotal elements in this arena. These tools not only streamline the sales process but also usher in a new era of efficiency and accuracy, proving to be game-changers for companies looking to thrive in competitive markets.

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Why Embrace Agile CPQ in Dynamics 365?

Enhanced Sales Process Efficiency: Agile CPQ solutions integrated into Dynamics 365 revolutionize how sales teams operate. By automating and simplifying proposal creation and pricing strategies, these tools significantly reduce the time and effort involved in the sales cycle. This efficiency is a boon for both sales teams and customers, leading to quicker transactions and improved customer satisfaction.

Innovative Guided Selling Approach: What sets an Agile CPQ apart is its user-centric design. It incorporates a dynamic playbook tailored to the actual workflows of sales teams. This guided selling approach streamlines product and pricing selections, enabling sales professionals to focus more on client engagement and less on administrative tasks.

Operational Agility: The low-code environment of Dynamics 365’s Agile CPQ empowers organizations to adapt swiftly to changing business needs. This agility is crucial in today’s fast-paced market, where flexibility can often be the difference between success and stagnation.

Improved Customer Experience: Make the negotiation process painless for your customers with a digital DealRoom – one virtual place for all communications, documents, and approvals. You can also track engagement behaviors to gain customer insights that will help you better determine the next actions as well as improve the pipeline for better future results.

For all of its benefits, CPQ solutions cannot be effective if sales representatives don’t use them. For that reason, it’s important to take the users’ needs into account when deciding on a CPQ and also incorporate their feedback during the configuration stage so the tool works efficiently and meets the needs of your sales team. Doing so will ensure high adoption rates and a full return on investment.

Key Benefits of Agile CPQ and CLM in Dynamics 365

When implementing a CPQ solution, you may think of your sales staff as the recipients of this new gift. True, it is a powerful tool in their hands that makes them much more efficient and eliminates much of the “busy work” of sales. However, your clients – especially in the B2B space – will also benefit by way of a greatly enhanced customer experience, as outlined below.

  1. Rapid Response and Precision: In the current fast-paced business environment, agility and accuracy are critical. Agile CPQ ensures that quotes are not only delivered promptly but are also accurate and tailored to customer needs.
  2. Pricing Accuracy: Mistakes in pricing can be costly. Agile CPQ addresses this challenge head-on by ensuring that quotes are error-free, maintaining the integrity and profitability of business transactions.
  3. Compliance and Standardization: Maintaining legal and sales compliance is non-negotiable. Agile CPQ provides safeguards to ensure adherence to legal and pricing standards, protecting businesses from potential compliance issues or undercutting margins through unmanaged discounts.
  4. Pipeline Visibility and Accuracy: An organized and transparent sales pipeline is essential for business health. Integrating CPQ with Dynamics 365 CRM allows for detailed tracking and management of the sales pipeline, ensuring all stakeholders are informed and aligned.
  5. Consistency in Brand Representation: Agile CPQ aids in standardizing communication materials, ensuring a consistent and professional brand image across all customer interactions.
  6. Efficient Renewals and Expansions: Automating renewal processes saves time and resources, allowing sales teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Transforming Business with Agile CPQ and Dynamics 365

The integration of Agile CPQ into Dynamics 365 is more than just a technological upgrade; it’s a transformative strategy for businesses. By automating and simplifying complex processes, it allows sales teams to be more efficient and focused on what they do best – selling. This transformation is evident in the way organizations can streamline their operations, increase sales efficiency, and maintain compliance, all while enhancing the customer experience.

A Partnership for Success

The synergy between DealHub’s Agile CPQ and Dynamics 365 creates a powerful platform for businesses. It’s not just about improving sales processes but also about providing a comprehensive solution that addresses various aspects of business operations, from operational efficiency to customer engagement. This partnership represents a significant step forward in digital transformation, offering businesses a competitive edge in an ever-evolving sales landscape.

Learn more about the value of Agile CPQ for Dynamics 365 users by watching an expert panel discussion, or contact us today to schedule a demo.


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