Uncommon CRM Use Case; Which works best?

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I have a limo company and I’ve got a few hundred clients and contacts. It’s got to the point where a spreadsheet can’t manage it efficiently. I also don’t have anything setup for emails or contacting clients/potential clients so I’m looking into a CRM. I’ve heard a lot of people on this subreddit recommend zoho, some hubspot and a friend recommend Keap. Not sure which one would fit best as all the use cases I see are for completely unrelated businesses. To be honest I’m not sure exactly how to use the CRM too but I know I definitely would like something to manage all my clients, automate some type of emails or constant contact with prospective clients, and maybe some other workflow automation (trip bookings?)

Here’s what I’m deciding between so far in order: -Keap -Hubspot -Zoho -Pipedrive

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