Looking for a client-facing CRM with semi automated invoicing

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Hi all!

I need an app to handle an on demand design service that:

  • allows the client to create design requirements
  • allows me to submit hours of work and update status of requirements
  • allows clients to follow-up with their requirements in a custom board
  • allows me to easily create an invoice based on the hours i spent
  • allows clients to pay through Stripe or a similar gateway

In other words, the flow would be:

  1. Client creates requirement.
  2. I update status and start working on it.
  3. Client gets notified, checks status, gets a preview of what's being done, etc. in a custom board.
  4. I close the ticket and generate an invoice.
  5. Client pays for the invoice.

Does anyone know what tools might be useful for this purpose?

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