Unleash the power of Avengers-inspired integrated maps within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

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Lisa had visited Nina’s house on a Weekend. For the past few weeks, Nina had been Lisa’s teacher for Maplytics, the 5-star rated geo-mapping app of the Microsoft AppSource and Lisa was able to convince her management to buy Maplytics license for their organization with a foolproof documentation and presentation. “I owe this carefree weekend to you. Had it not been for your guidance, I would still be hung up with an unfinished workload over the weekend!”, chirped Lisa lounging on Nina’s chairs. “Ah! De Nada! That’s my duty as a friend. Besides, if an app can help people achieve work-life balance, I’ll market it from my apartment rooftop!”, laughed Nina.

For over a decade, Maplytics has successfully balanced the workloads of employees across various industries, optimizing their workflow and enhancing their overall productivity.

“It is almost 4:30 pm, let’s catch up on a movie, we can then go out for dinner with the rest of the gang”, Lisa suggested. At the name of a movie, Nina got up from her slump and dashed. “Let’s watch Avengers: End Game”, they both screeched together. It was their favorite movie.

Half-time in, Nina paused and headed to fix them a berry smoothie. When she got back, she found Lisa staring out of the window with a smile. “What is running in that overworking head of yours?”, Nina quizzed.

“If Maplytics is the End Game, its features are the individual Avengers”, Lisa said dreamily. “What?”, Nina said unbelievably. “How come Maplytics is the End Game?”, she asked. “Of course, it is! It has been the ultimate support for Field Sales Reps like me for the past several weeks. We have seen in Maplytics’ Field Service Series how it is the ultimate sidekick to Dynamics 365 Field Service. I speak after experiencing, Nina!”, Lisa advocated.

“In that case, my favorite hero, Hulk, is Territory Management! “His size is paradoxical, mirroring the duality of territories that can span vast countries or be confined to a postal code. Just as an expansive region can be segmented into smaller, manageable territories, Hulk’s ability to shrink reflects his commitment to humanity’s well-being. Intriguing, isn’t it!”, Nina retorted

“Indeed. The concept of Auto Scheduling in the Maplytics universe perfectly mirrors the well-organized and time-conscious nature of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Auto Scheduling seamlessly plans meetings for a day or week, pre-arranging meeting slots, buffer time, lunch breaks, travel time, and more. Just like Mr. Stark, Auto Scheduling ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently,” Lisa remarked. “This streamlined approach simplifies organization and management,” Nina concurred.

“And who do you think represents Route Optimization in our Maplytics universe?” Lisa inquired. “The one who ensnares evil with his sticky web, none other than Spider-Man. Optimized Routing is about charting travel routes that are traffic-free, highway-free, toll-free, and the shortest in terms of travel time or distance. Spider-Man’s webs embody all these principles. His webs swiftly transport him wherever he needs to go, saving fuel and travel time. Both approaches are incredibly efficient and mindful of the environment. Just as Spider-Man’s webs remain intact even after he has departed, our routes can be reused, emailed, or printed for future use,” Nina exclaimed with newfound realization.

“This is incredible! I know you’re not Hawkeye’s biggest fan, but he’s the perfect embodiment of Radius/Proximity Search. Just as Hawkeye never misses his mark, Radius Search consistently delivers precise results. Whenever we field reps need to locate clients within a specific radius or travel time, we simply set our central location, define our radius and boom, Maplytics instantly provides us with a list of target clients within the specified proximity. It’s like Hawkeye identifying a target, setting his aim, and hitting the bullseye every time!”, animated Lisa.

“Indeed, it’s quite impressive. I must admit, Thor and his hammer are an apt representation of Real-time tracking. Just as Thor can summon his hammer from anywhere in the universe, Maplytics allows field reps to be tracked regardless of their location, whether they’re on their planned route, deviating from it, or simply out in the field. This real-time visibility is a crucial asset for managers who need to respond promptly to ad hoc requests or emergencies. Having that support at every step is invaluable!”, reasoned Nina.

“Absolutely! Thor and his hammer represent the unwavering support and protection we receive from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Just as Captain America leads and binds the Avengers, Dynamics 365 CRM forms the core of our Maplytics universe. Without Dynamics 365 CRM, Maplytics simply wouldn’t exist. It’s the foundation upon which our entire solution is built, just like the Avengers couldn’t exist without their unifying leader. So, in essence, Dynamics 365 CRM serves as the nucleus of our Maplytics universe,” Lisa thoughtfully concluded.

“This impromptu game was so entertaining! While we were drawing parallels with the Avengers, I couldn’t help but think of other movie titles that resonated with Maplytics and its features. ‘Gone with the Wind’ could easily represent Route Planner, much like ‘I See You’ perfectly captures the essence of Real-time Tracking,” Nina remarked playfully. “Oh, absolutely! And who better to embody our beloved Meeting Schedulers than Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory and Monica Geller from Friends?” Lisa added with a chuckle. “And let’s not forget Joey Tribbiani from Friends, who could be our very own POI Location, always on the lookout for food and acting auditions,” Nina laughed. Their lively banter continued well into the night!

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Maplytics is like water that can be molded into any role. To get more acquainted and experience it first-hand, one can write to crm@inogic.com To investigate the product further, with a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse get in touch with the Team.

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