Top 5 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps for Document Management in 2024

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Alongside its native offerings, Microsoft Dynamics 365 also benefits greatly from a range of third-party apps. Specifically considering Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps for document management, you can see they significantly enhance the platform’s native document handling capabilities, offering businesses a comprehensive and secure solution for their document management needs.

This article outlines the top five Dynamics 365 apps for document management. We have selected each app for its ability to integrate seamlessly with Dynamics 365, offering robust features that cater to various aspects of document management – from automation to security compliance.

#1 Dynamics 365 Document Automation

by Microsoft

Automates document generation and management within Dynamics 365, enabling creation, storage, and management of documents using custom workflows and templates. Document automation requires System Customizer permission to install a new package as the solution creates custom entities on your environment.

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#2 Dynamics 365 + SharePoint Document Management Suite

by Connecting Software

All-in-one solution designed to enhance document management capabilities within Dynamics 365. This suite includes four key components:

This suite aims to increase team productivity, maintain regulatory compliance, and ensure document security.

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#3 Lasernet

by Formpipe

Lasernet is known for its powerful document formatting and output management capabilities. It integrates with Dynamics 365 and is mostly used to create and deliver reports. You can also use it to create, manage, and distribute any kind of document efficiently.

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#4 Document Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365

by Experlogix (formerly Xpertdoc)

Enables business users to create, manage and deliver better documents faster by using data from Dynamics 365 and other sources. It offers features like intuitive template design, automated document flows, and centralized management console, helping businesses to simplify and optimize their document generation processes.

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#5 M-Files for Dynamics 365

by M-Files

Integrates with Dynamics 365 to provide advanced document management capabilities. It offers features like AI-powered document categorization, version control, and automated workflow management, helping businesses to efficiently organize and access their documents within the Dynamics 365 environment.

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In conclusion

These top 5 apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 transform the mundane task of document management into a streamlined, efficient process. They’re ready to organize, secure, and streamline your document management process. So, bid farewell to the chaotic world of scattered documents and embrace the era of digital organization with these Dynamics 365 apps.


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