Simplifying Attachment Management and Reducing Storage Costs in Dynamics 365 CRM with Attach2Dynamics New Release!

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Attach2Dynamics has been a game-changer for Dynamics 365 CRM users, providing seamless integration with popular cloud storage solutions like SharePoint, Azure Blob Storage, and Dropbox. We are delighted and honoured by the continuous positive feedback and 5-star ratings on Microsoft AppSource for Attach2Dynamics. And we also hear feature requests and improvement feedback as well. At Inogic, we believe in continually improving the user experience and functionality of our apps. Keeping all this in mind, our team has introduced some new and exciting features to the Attach2Dynamics app.

In this blog, we will explore these exciting new features and how they can revolutionize the way you handle your document data in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Email Content Migration

Attach2Dynamics helps migrate email attachments to the cloud, but over time, even the Email Body content starts to consume Dynamics 365 disk space, which leads to low storage space and poor performance, as shown in the below image.

Attachment Management Dynamics 365

To address this issue, Attach2Dynamics now allows you to migrate Email Body content, including messages, images, and gifs, from your CRM system to the configured cloud storage, such as SharePoint, Dropbox, or Azure Blob Storage.

This feature is a game-changer, saving on storage space, thereby decreasing IT costs, improving data management, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the user as well as CRM.

Attachment Management Dynamics 365

Key Points:

  • Migrate email content, including messages, images, and gifs, to cloud storage.
  • Preserve essential email information such as sender, recipient, date, and attachments.
  • Configure Email Body content migration to specific cloud storages, i.e., SharePoint, Dropbox, or Azure Blob Storage.

Use Case:

Imagine you are a sales manager using Dynamics 365, and you need to ensure that all email communications with a specific client are securely stored in your SharePoint account. With Attach2Dynamics, you can migrate all email content from CRM to SharePoint in a structured way. This ensures that important email conversations are archived for future reference and compliance.

Customizable Email Description

Customization is key to effective data management, and Attach2Dynamics understands that. With this new release, users have the flexibility to send emails to clients with ease by incorporating a link within the email body. This link, denoted by the default email description text “Link generated by Attach2Dynamics,” can be customized to align with individual preferences.

Key Points:

  • Customize the email description text for links generated by Attach2Dynamics to include specific information.

Use Case:

For instance, let’s consider NRG Enterprises, where a sales representative meticulously crafted a client quotation. In order to personalize the communication, the representative navigates to the connectors and customizes the Email Description text, as clearly depicted in the accompanying screenshot.

Attachment Management Dynamics 365

Now the sales representative uses Attach2Dynamics button within the Account Entity, and attaches the quotation through the Email Link feature available in the Attach2Dynamics user interface. As a result, the recipient received the quotation as a conveniently accessible link, bearing the distinct identity of NRG Enterprises as specified in the customized email description: “This quotation is created by NRG Enterprises.” This streamlined process enhances the professional touch of communication and information sharing.

Attachment Management Dynamics 365

Handling 100 Records

Efficiency is crucial when working with large datasets. Attach2Dynamics now supports the selection and management of up to 100 records at a time, streamlining your data management processes and saving you valuable time.

Key Points:

  • Select and manage up to 100 records simultaneously for quicker data handling.

Use Case:

As a customer support representative, you often need to update multiple support tickets at once in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. With the ability to handle up to 100 records simultaneously, you can now quickly select and update multiple tickets, saving valuable time and ensuring a faster response to customer inquiries.

Move Files Within Folders

Organizing your data within cloud storage has become more intuitive with Attach2Dynamics. You can now move files within folders using Attach2Dynamics UI within your CRM, making it easier to maintain a well-structured data hierarchy. This feature simplifies data organization and retrieval.

Key Points:

  • Drag and drop files within folders for improved data organization.
  • Maintain a structured and organized data hierarchy with ease.

Use Case:

Suppose you are managing a project in SharePoint and need to reorganize your project files. Attach2Dynamics’ Move Files Within Folders feature allows you to drag and drop files within folders, making it easy to keep your project documents organized and accessible to your team. This feature simplifies collaboration and ensures that everyone can find the files they need.

Increased Upload Capacity

Attachments can sometimes be large! But with Attach2Dynamics, you do not need to worry! Attach2Dynamics now supports uploads of a single file that is up to 1.5 GB in size. This increased upload capacity ensures that you can seamlessly handle large files within Dynamics 365 CRM, making it a powerful tool for data-intensive tasks.

Key Points:

  • Upload files up to 1.5 GB in size, accommodating large files and data sets.
  • Improved versatility for handling large attachments.

Use Case:

Your organization deals with large design files that need to be attached to CRM records for client presentations. With Attach2Dynamics’ increased upload capacity, you can effortlessly attach files up to 1.5 GB in size. This ensures that your design team can share large files directly from CRM, streamlining the client presentation process.

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These new features in Attach2Dynamics are a testament to its commitment to enhancing attachment management and reduce Dynamics 365 CRM storage costs. With email content migration, configurable links, improved record handling, folder management, and increased upload capacity, Attach2Dynamics empowers users to take control of their data like never before.

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