Is There a CRM That Does All of This or am I Stuck Going Custom?

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So does this CRM exist or am I stuck building something totally custom?

A secure login form with an Admin control panel for us to be able to manager users.

An ‘Accounts’ tab that encompasses about 50 fields, about 20 of which are custom fields that aren’t universally applicable.

An independent ‘Drivers’ table that we can update and export as xlsx file on the fly, ideally with a floating ‘Add a Driver’ function. We need to be able to export the driver table on an account level, rather than an overall driver list. Whether this is done via a separate SQL table for each account or via an Account number system is dealer’s choice.

The capacity to send out contracts with the correct information based on options selected within the account tab (Driver modality and other options selected) ideally from the accounts page with the ability to resend or download the contracts for those rare clients who still prefer mail. Email integration from our Outlook email server would be ideal.

The ability to pull all accounts that are in their renewal month and send out renewal letters for all if needed. Some sort of docusign or other simplistic signing platform would be a huge help.

The ability to save customer files under their accounts, mostly for contracts and drug testing results with a folder system and 4 predetermined folders.

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