In a massive time crunch and need to decide on an affordable CRM for a small start-up nonprofit with a tiny list and a WordPress website. Help!

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Title explains. Help me pick a CRM:

  • Our org is just starting out, our email list is around 100 names right now LOL and projected to grow slowly since our public-facing work will be limited. I project it will take us several years to grow our list into thousands “organically”.

  • Number of users we’ll need is probably three at the moment, and a few more in the coming years.

  • We have a WordPress site and need to set up action and etc pages that integrate with the WordPress site.

  • capabilities we will need: email blasts, setting up action and donation pages, donor management, event pages, texting (my boss is really adamant though I’m not fully on board).

  • I’ve previously used Salsa, EveryAction (the longest) and Mailchimp.

  • I have no Salesforce experience and realize there is a learning curve with Salesforce. I mention Salesforce because my colleagues only seem to know it and have no idea about the other CRMs, so I’ll need to explain to them that Salesforce is not really out of the box software and might be hard to implement quickly.

  • I did demos with Action Network and NationBuilder. Action Network is lacking in the CRM/donor mgmt capacity (need to use ActBlue). NationBuilder has aggressive marketing and focuses on their CMS a lot, but we won’t need that since we have a WordPress site. I do like that it’s a proper CRM and they also have a texting feature. Both action network and Nationbuilder will be in our budget.

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