CRM Recommendations for Medical Practice Use

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Hi all, I've spent DAYS researching different CRMS and signing up to free trials and I have decision paralysis at this point. I was wondering if you could please recommend a CRM that will do the following:

– Simple online bookings with payment integration

– Automated email journeys based on specific fields imputed in the contact's file (such as dates etc)

– SMS integration similar to above

– Online forms with digital signature collection

– General email campaigns for enquiries with form option to integrate with website for data collection

– Not super important: but file storage option or ability to store pictures in contact's file

I'm familiar with ZOHO, which I know would be perfect for the above but my client doesn't want to use it. I've looked at Hubspot which is a bit too pricey. Ideally would like something that could scale with the business (one practitioner). TYSM

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