What is the best CRM for B2B wholesalers?

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B2B Wholesalers are in the business of repeat sales. What that means is that this type of businesses are always looking to build solid relationships with their buyers and customers. These companies value relationships and want to partner with companies that can either consistently push their products forward or give them a competitive edge through new markets, better prices, etc.

–Conversation Tracking–

Building the right relationships and nurturing those relationships are two important aspects for these companies. A CRM that has a robust feature to organize and present conversations in a timeline view will work better for these types of businesses as staying on top of each conversation is key. Most popular CRMs do this well.

–2-way Calendar Sync–

Sales people for these companies are often on the go and they want to see their CRM tasks and meetings directly on their work calendar. This makes life simpler for sales people as they do not have to juggle between multiple apps. Most CRMs also offer this functionality. However many of them do not offer 2-way calendar sync.

2-way Calendar sync enables a sales person to update a task or meeting in their work calendar and it automatically gets synced with their CRM. If they choose, they can also allow their team or manager to view the tasks and meetings they have completed. CreamSoda offers 2-way celandar sync functionality out-of-the-box.

–Advances Sales Quotation Feature–

Given that these companies sell products and prices fluctuates based on market conditions all the time, a robust quotation feature goes a long way. Creating offers with multiple product mix, providing volume discounts, and tracking shipment and delivery details is an edge that most CRMs do not provide. In this case as well, CreamSoda shines through as it has advanced capabilities in its sales quotation feature that no other CRMs currently offer.

–Comprehensive Sales and Purchase Tracking–

Another function common to most B2B wholesale businesses is buying and selling. These companies continuously buy from Company A and sells to Company B. Given that inventory is like a hot potato that no one wants to hold, it is key for these types of companies to let their sales people know in real-time:

  1. What product is being purchased
  2. When the product can be delivered

At the same time, folks in purchasing need to understand which products are selling more and at what prices. Since purchasers can track their purchases in CreamSoda and sales people can track their sales, they can get a comprehensive understanding on:

  1. Which product is in demand at the moment and at what price
  2. What is the driver for the sale of these products

Not bad for a competitive edge!

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