Hubspot Invoice/Accounting/Inventory Integration

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Hi guys,

I've been using Hubspot for some time now as a basic call logging/contact management service and want to add on features that allow for invoicing, accounting, and inventory management. Can anyone tell me what people normally used in conjunction with Hubspot to this end?


My basic workflow would be: call comes in from contact, invoice with net 15/30 payment terms is made by a specific sales rep (invoicing feature), total of invoice is made out as open balance for the respective contact's account, items listed in invoice are reduced from total inventory on hand (inventory management aspect), and then partial payments over time would reduce the total account's outstanding balance (accounting/book keeping feature). Also some reporting on different salesreps total sales and other basic reports would be needed if possible. Does this sound like something that can be implemented with Hubspot's platform or with other tools? If not, are there any other capable platforms that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance for any insight! Appreciate it!

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