I’m not sure I need a CRM, but I run the sales and marketing for an engineering/manufacturing company and would love more data analytics

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Long story short, we have 4 salespeople. We have a DEFINED rep network so we are not trying to add new customers. Probably have about 2000 customers.

Every time we get a request we log it. We log:

  • Rep firm name
  • Individual rep/customer name
  • Job name
  • Job type (there are probably 30 or so types)
  • Status of job (design, quoted, submittal, won)
  • Chance of winning
  • The salesperson on our team who handles the job

We do this all in Google sheets. We do some analysis, we track our weekly quotes, closures, how many jobs are won by a rep firm, etc.

I'm not sure a CRM is what we're looking for but I'd like to get more analysis in terms of what jobs, what jobs by what rep firm are winning. Things like that. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated!

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