Looking for a customer database for a non-profit membership organization

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Feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to find a simple, cheap/free CRM. I have pretty basic needs and I feel like a lot of the subscription-based CRM is really geared towards making sales, with all the bells and whistles that I don't necessarily need.

I really just need something to store and organize member information. A "tasks" feature is mandatory.

Customizable input fields are necessary but I don't need integration with outside software.

I've used SalesForce before with another company and I honestly love it, but I do need to keep costs as low as possible and I know SF has a tendency to jack up prices over time.

I don't really need ways to manage leads or marketing, as people come to us (we're niche), not the other way around, but I would like a really nice way to organize member information.

One feature I love about SalesForce is the ability to forward emails directly to SalesForce and store them under an individual member's profile. Keeps the inbox clean and keeps a log of all interactions we've had in one easy place. If a CRM has this feature I'd be thrilled, but it is not mandatory.

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