Paginated Reports in MS Power BI

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Power BI is part of a suite of applications in the Microsoft Power Platform engineered for robust business capabilities in different areas.  In the area of business intelligence, reporting, visualization, and dashboards, Power BI provides these analytics services.  Microsoft Power BI is widely known for its user-interactive dashboards and highly dynamic content. This is a very powerful tool for users to analyze and understand their business’s data, but what about sharing this data? Until recently Power Bi was not a great tool for printed reports.  Keep reading to learn about Paginated Reports in MS Power BI and how they can aid your company in both the sharing of data with your printing requirements.

Currently, in Power BI there does exist a method for printing.  However, the Power BI print functionality is accomplished by having the service take a screenshot of the dashboard thus rendering the data that is directly on the current screen;  if there is data out of view and requires the use of a scrollbar then you were simply out of luck with the standard print option. This is obviously not the most ideal situation for business reporting. The alternative to this was to export the report to excel to create a pivot table to generate a report that could be shared well in a printed or email format.

Fortunately for Power BI Users, Microsoft has given us a new reporting tool option.  Power BI Report builder allows the report developer to use a Power BI dataset to create what is known as a Paginated Report. This type of report allows the user to set parameters, run the report, and print or share it in a number of formats.

Paginated Reports in Power BI are specifically designed to be shared and printed by being easily formatted on several pages.  All of the data to be printed are pixel optimized as well. Some of the uses for Paginated Reports are business scenarios in which highly formatted, pixel-perfect output optimized for printing or PDF generation is necessary.  Paginated Reports are a helpful reporting enhancement to Power BI and an example of Microsoft’s development commitment to providing advanced modern business applications.  It is important to note, that there are different versions and pricing of Power BI.  Currently, the version of Power BI that supports paginated reports is Microsoft Power BI Premium.

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