Extending and Improving the Sales Process with Dynamics 365

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See how JourneyTEAM developers increased the efficiency and visibility of a truck rental company’s sales process using Dynamics 365 robust tools and integration capabilities


One JourneyTEAM client, a truck rental company,  has been supplying 4X4 commercial rental trucks since 1978. The company offers nationwide pickup and delivery, allowing companies from across industries to complete work on time and on budget. 

As the company continues to grow, the company’s leaders recognized the need to improve the efficiency of their sales process. Their current process ended with a quote being provided in the company’s CRM. This limited overall visibility into the sales lifecycle and made it difficult for their Accounts Receivable team to access and view necessary data.

To resolve this, JourneyTEAM created a custom Dynamics 365 price quote template. These templates are created and customized by higher-ups before they’re sent to the appropriate user. Using these templates, managers can input information such as rates for various trucks, how many free miles customers are entitled to, how long the quote is good for, and more. Only approved users are able to alter quote information, ensuring prices stay accurate and consistent.

Once completed, quotes can be viewed across the enterprise. For example, their Accounts Receivable team can now view and manage all truck orders and invoices directly within Business Central. JourneyTEAM developers already have plans to extend these functionalities in the near future, providing them with additional visibility, collaboration, and efficiency.

For a first-hand look at this truck company’s new sales process, watch our on-demand video here, or contact a JourneyTEAM representative to learn more.

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