How to Select the Best Integrated Payments Partner

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2022 is moving quickly and will shape up to be a ‘year of thriving’. When seeking a payment provider there are many choices and important factors to take into account. A provider should be first and foremost, a FinTech company, focused on automating financial services through integrations. The payments provider should also be a payments industry expert who can help your organization leverage best practices for payments automation.

As you seek a payment provider to partner with, here are a few helpful questions to ask yourself: Is the solutions provider…
  1. Recognized by thought leaders and independent entities that focus on positive growth and technology advancements? Does the provider invest in resources to expand services and offer more robust solutions for all your payment needs? 
  2. A success story? Look at independent sources like the G2 reviews to understand if the payment provider has happy customers. G2 reviews are available to online, and validated by G2.
  3. Offering live support? It is important to have a payments provider who is there when you need them. Learn why 24/7/365 live support is preferred.
  4. An expert in integrating AR and AP payments into your core business systems (ERP, eCommerce, CRM, etc)? Seek a provider whose expertise encompasses not only expertise in your vertical, but also in the core systems you currently use to run your business.  
  5. Providing omni-channel payments?  Look for a payments provider that integrates with multiple add-on/ISV solutions, in addition to your core business systems so you can benefit from an end-to-end payments solutions for your business that allows your clients to pay where they want and how they want.  As your business grows, your payment processing needs will expand, so choose a payment partner who can help you scale.  
  6. Offering co-marketing? Many tasks go into your day to day operations, an intricate piece of that is attracting new business. Look for a payments provider that delivers turn key marketing programs such as; webinars, sales enablement, and co-branded marketing to help you drive demand. 
  7. Providing revenue sharing? As a trusted advisor for your clients, you want to not only ensure your clients needs being met, but you also want to help your business grow.  Look for a payments partner who allows you to earn recurring revenue.  Learn how REPAY offers opportunities for recurring revenue growth depending on your partnership type.
What makes a good partnership GREAT?

Partner programs, when done right, can be a major value-add for your business. Look for a payments leader who is partner-centric and offers to be an extension of your team. Seek out a partner that offers more than just an integrated solution, and instead offers advanced knowledge in payments and partner best practices.

When you partner with REPAY, you partner with a team of highly committed professionals who understand payments, value relationships, and prioritizes your goals. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you take payments into the digital age.  

By Maureen Cole, REPAY,

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