Ways to Establish Team Rapport

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Starting a business or leading a new team is challenging for leaders and business owners. The pressure and stress that comes with preparations and adjustments can test the person in charge. However, remember that you are not alone; you have your team to help you out. One thing that will contribute to your success is building a good relationship with the people who will help you – your team.

Here are some ways that are proven effective to help you build a harmonious relationship with your team:

Let them see you as a person

Most team leaders make a common mistake of hiding away their emotions too much. They are always hesitant to share their disappointments, interest, passions, and other personal matters with the team. Although it is essential to maintain professionalism in the workplace, there is no harm in letting your team see you as human. You can spare a few minutes of your time to talk to them about personal matters, such as sports, current events, and their hobbies. This way, they will be less threatened by your presence, and they can communicate with you comfortably, which can open more room for collaboration.

Team building activities and other recreational programs can help you achieve this goal. You can even collaborate with fairground stall hire companies that provide booths, fun rides, and exciting games to make the experience more memorable for your team. You can also invest in team dinners, one-on-one coaching, and even out-of-town trips once in a while.

Establish a culture of listening

Active listening is one of the pillars of effective teamwork. As the team leader, it is your responsibility to establish a culture of respect that gives each team member a chance to share their thoughts without being interrupted. Although it may take a lot of practice to perfect this, you can start by giving your full attention to the speaker, lessening your distractions, and asking questions and clarifications. Allowing your team to speak up their minds and voice their ideas before offering yours may result in more fruitful brainstorming sessions. Additionally, this practice will give your team a sense of belongingness and pride.

Communicate your expectations

As a new leader, it is important to tell your team members how to work around you, so they won’t waste their time trying to figure you out. For example, you can say that it’s fine for them to ask questions, make simple mistakes, suggest better strategies, and the like. You can also communicate what upsets you, like missing deadlines, being rude to a client, etc. This way, they’ll know what to expect from you.

You can also communicate your expectations with your team. It is always an excellent strategy to start with simple, attainable goals before moving to more complicated tasks—this way, your team builds confidence and trust with each other. 

Establishing rapport with your team is an essential factor in guaranteeing your success. These tips may help you build trust, bonds, and healthy relationships with your teammates.

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