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I have been using Bigin via Zoho as a CRM for quite some time now. For the price, it's a great tool, but I've run into an issue w/ automating emails via their workflow tool. Mainly, when I send an email through this program it doesn't say that it is coming from my actual email. Instead, it inserts a variety of special signs into the "From" box that looks obnoxious. #$&%&#*#, etc.

Would anyone be able to recommend a suitable replacement? Most CRMs offer bells & whistles that I really don't need. The most important aspect for me is the ability to automate my workflow. For example:

-Contact is added

-Email template is automatically sent to that contact

-If no response from the contact, then it is followed up via a different template in "x" weeks. And repeat one or two more times.

-If there is a response, then that contact is removed from the workflow and I manually respond to those.

Do any replacements come to mind? I know all the big CRMs can facilitate this, but their price tags can get large very fast when trying to scale this. My ultimate hope is to remove the emailing piece from the equation. I simply want to add-in a contact and then the initial email/follow-ups are automatically generated via the workflow.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. All the best.

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