What kind of companies are least effected by the existing Ukraine-Russia war?

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Jean Paul Sartre, the famous thinker rightly said, “When the rich wage war it’s the poor who die”. The ongoing Ukraine-Russia war has severe impact on the world economy. Economists have been consistently pointing out the economic effects of the Ukraine-Russia war. However, there are a few companies that are not affected due to war. Here is a list of those companies:

  • Many countries have increased the allocation of their resources towards the defense sector. The weapons, artillery, ammunitions, launchers, missiles and other defense equipments have to be supplied to the countries that are fighting the war. The defense sector is actually not just unaffected but reaping huge benefits from the Ukraine- Russia war. ‘War is not an ugly business’ specially for the western nations for whom a brand-new theatre has opened up. The military aid pouring in for Ukraine is evident how the world’s defense companies are going to benefit from it. War serves as an excellent business for the defense manufacturers and contractors, therefore, they are even providing Ukraine with lethal weapons, and further adding fuel to fire, according to reports.
  • Companies that are developing alternative energy resources is another sector that is likely to gain much from the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war. Russia accounts for 10% of the global petroleum production and is a major exporter of the crude oil. Therefore, the ongoing war led to increase in crude oil prices globally. Russia also has the second largest coal reserves in the world. The alternative energy resources, like solar energy, wind energy, and others have already been gaining importance in the past decade. The fuel and coal crisis are further shifting the use from conventional to non-conventional energy resources. This will further impetus the production of solar panels, windmills, and is a gain for other ancillary industries as well.
  • The indigenous Indian pharma companies will benefit from the ongoing war scenario. The western companies are pulling back and the indigenous Indian companies might reap the benefits. A war naturally calls for more and more medicines, surgical equipments, surgical accessories and so much more. This gap is filled by the Indian pharmaceutical companies that provide drugs for more affordable rates and of the same quality. That is not all, Ukraine had a huge field for experimentation of drugs, medical research and so on. This might shift to India, which provides a conducive environment for research as well as a suitable infrastructure with eminent research centers in the country. Therefore, this sector is expected to remain unaffected by the ongoing war, and if strategies are properly planned, might benefit from the ongoing crisis.            
  • The Russians have recently started spending their money on electronics, furniture from the Swedish brand IKEA, construction materials and other things that they feel will no longer be available to them. The European borders have closed and people are trying to hoard their favorite brands as much as possible. These withdrawals, according to the companies, are temporary. Owing to ruble depreciation, the people have started panic buying. Some economists call it a move with no economic sense but it has certainly raised the sales of the companies, bringing them larger profit shares from the war-waging country.

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