SAP Identity Management

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Summary: The SAP® Identity Management component helps you align user lifecycle management with your organization’s key business processes run-ning in cloud and on-premise solutions. Now, business managers can define role-based, com-pliant user access rights and identity manage-ment across enterprise applications – both SAP and third party – while giving IT the centralized data, alerts, and reporting needed to maintain control and manage risk.


•Reduce operational costs and minimize risk in complex system landscapes

•Manage access to applications

•Extend existing on-premise identity manage-ment solutions to the cloud

•Improve compliance with local and global regulationsSolution

•Business-driven, compliant identity manage-ment for business processes running in cloud and on-premise solutions

•User access rights assigned and maintained across multiple systems•Password self-service functionality and synchronization

•Roles aligned with business processes rather than technical directory structures•Reports based on current access and past events.


•Lower costs and increased productivity due to tight integration with your business processes – both in the cloud and on premise

•One central location for identity data storage, eliminating redundancies

•Support for regulatory requirements, which minimizes segregation-of-duties risks

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