Benefits of Working From Home

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Benefits of Working From Home for Enterprise Employers

Flexible work is the future of work. With companies all over the world asking their employees to work from home, remote work has become the new normal for global businesses and enterprise employers. Some of the benefits of working from home for employers and employees can include improved well-being and lower costs. 

In this article, we’ll break down some of the other benefits of remote working and offer some tips on how to hire remote employees who are a good fit for your organization.

Remote working advantages for enterprise employers

To be clear, there are remote working advantages and disadvantages. However, with software solutions that streamline communication and improve daily workflows, managing a distributed workforce has never been easier. 

The biggest remote working advantages for enterprise employers all revolve around employee well-being, daily operations, and revenue. Here’s what working home can do for you and your enterprise project management team:

1. Communication is more efficient 

Thanks to project management solutions like Wrike, it’s far easier to get everyone on the same page. Keep all communication, files, and approvals in one easily accessible place to eliminate time lost sifting through email chains or needlessly taxing progress reports. Improve collaboration with customer profiles and project updates in real-time. 

2. Productivity increases 

Studies show that telecommuting employees are 20% to 25% more productive than their office counterparts. Not only are there fewer social distractions, but there are also more opportunities to take necessary breaks when needed, which psychologists say helps with overall performance, motivation, and creativity— among other benefits. 

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