Meet Microsoft’s New CRM REST Builder Tool

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JourneyTEAM developers discuss how the Dataverse REST Builder Tool allows users to interact directly with the Dynamics Web API.


Created by Jason Lattimer and Guido Reite, the Dataverse REST Builder allows users to interact directly with the Dynamics Web API. Previously, users who wanted to perform queries or retrievals had to download and import the CRM Rest Builder solution directly into their environment. Now, the tool is accessible directly from the XRM toolbox.

With REST Builder, users can easily build an API call without writing a single line of code. The straightforward, intuitive interface enables users to easily build Web API queries with the assistance of the UI, select the code language they want the code in, and extract it for use. It’s as simple as selecting the entity (table), action, and format and selecting ‘Create Request’. The tool then immediately runs the code and provides the results of the query in minutes. Additionally, the user-friendly interface allows users to build API Calls and receive code in different languages, including Fetch, Jquery, Power Automate, XHR, Portal, and more.

Senior Developer for JourneyTEAM, Jeff Postma, provided a demo on how to use REST Builder in a recent Learning Forum from a client example. During the demo, Jeff showed attendees how to access the tool directly from the XRM toolbox, and how to use the tool to complete JavaScript work or a complex Web API query.

You can view the full demonstration of the CRM REST Builder Tool here, or contact a JourneyTEAM representative to learn how to integrate the tool into your technology stack.

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