Small-Business Marketing: What Is Call Tracking And Why Is It Important?

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With the existence of advanced smartphones and personal computers, along with accessible Wi-Fi connections almost everywhere, prospective and/or existing customers are often expected to inquire about products and services online. However, as surprising as it may seem, many people still prefer calling a company’s phone line instead of filling out complicated online forms or live chats.

For small businesses, call tracking can be a very beneficial tool that can help analyze their performance and discover opportunities based on the phone calls they receive. I know this because my agency uses a customized marketing strategy that intertwines with clients’ calls in order to get the most out of their marketing investment and help grow their business.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is the method of tracking which marketing activities are generating calls and sparking interest among potential customers. This information will help you assess which marketing strategies are effective and plan your next advertising budget. Call tracking also gathers relevant caller information that you can use for customer satisfaction and marketing purposes. Call tracking helps small businesses make smart, data-driven marketing decisions.

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