How to Improve Seller Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

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Discover how take control of the entire Sales Process with the help of Microsoft Dynamics365 Sales.


When you’re managing a sales team, chances are you come in for work and you’re inundated with things that you need to accomplish: managing your daily correspondences, inputting important data into your computer, meetings with your team to talk quotas and numbers, sitting one on one with some of your sales people, onboarding a new hire and lastly, with the time left,—you scramble to call and meet with customers, who represent potentially big deals.

While administrative work is eating up most of your time, the frustration in your team is rising because they spend too much time identifying potential sales opportunities and not actually converting most of these to actual sales.

Morale is down. Revenues are down. You feel like things are running you and you are not running things. You know you have to be in control, but you’re not.

Microsoft D365 Sales gives you control over the entire sales process. From the start of the sales process, Artificial Intelligence tool like the business card scanner will ensure your salespeople get to capture important details about potential leads even while they’re in the field. Information such as names and telephone numbers will be automatically logged into Dynamics 365 Sales and this will quickly identify if there is a past relationship with this customer.

From there, the automated lead and opportunity scoring of Dynamics 365 Sales’ will help you to qualify or disqualify leads. Researching the viability of a lead becomes so much easier as the system automatically lets you know if the lead is connected to one of your customers (account or contact) or if one of your salespeople have worked with them. You may also search for the lead’s LinkedIn profile, and this gives you an advantage even before you have your first contact with the lead.

During your first phone call with the lead you may gather and input relevant information about him such as his company and the product that they need and how much they’re planning to spend on it. You may also take this opportunity to post a message to your team and you may get a helpful info from one of them. From all of these information, research and communication made easy by Dynamics365 you can now qualify your lead and Dynamics365 Sales will automatically convert the lead to an opportunity and guide you to the next step of the sales process which is the develop stage.

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