Using Notion for CRM – looking to switch.

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Hi all!

I am gearing up to launch a dedicated Sales department for our startup and currently have a CRM system set up in Notion. I really love the flexibility of Notion, I am happy with how it is formatted and I'm familiar with the data architecture right now. However, looking ahead, I foresee there is going to be a large amount of manual data and documentation I will be entering due to the lack of integration Notion has with things like Google calendar/Gmail.

I will likely give Notion a shot to see how it goes, but I'm wondering if 1. Anyone does use Notion for their CRM and has some tips, 2. What people use for CRMs currently so that we can quickly pivot if Notion isn't a good fit.

Our needs:
We would likely only need 1-3 seats (can probably get away with 1 tbh) and can probably afford something in $50/mo range if I had to guess (free solutions are welcome though!)

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